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This is one of our most known products, which is suitable for all metal applications such as stainless steel, tool steel, nickel alloy, etc. It can be also used in wet or dry sanding.

  • - High sanding performance
  • - Suitable for all kinds of metal working, especially stainless steel
  • - Excellent durability
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Mineral Aluminum Oxide
Bonding Resin over Resin
Backing Ywt, Xwt
Coating CLOSE C
Width 1,360 mm
P16 P24 P36 P40 P50 P60 P80 P100 P120 P150
P180 P220 P240 P280 P320 P360 P400 P500 P600 P800

* Other materials can be changed on demand.

● : Standard Grits, ▲ : Non Standard Grits

The advantage of the product
Superior Cutting Performance
Cutting power is enhanced by using heat treated grains with special heat treated while having good durability.
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